Target Localization With Fuzzy-Swarm Behavior

Siti Nurmaini


In this paper describes target localization using deliberates fuzzy and swarm behavior. Localization is the process of determining the positions of robots or targets in whole swarms environment. To localize the target in real environment, experiment is conducted utilize three identical robots with different color. Every robot has three infrared sensors, two gas sensors, 1 compass sensor and one X-Bee. A camera in the roof of robot arena is utilized to determine the position of each robot with color detection methods. Swarm robots are connected to a computer which serves as an information center. Fuzzy and swarm behavior are keeping the swarm robots position and direction with a certain distance to the target position. From the experimental results the proposed algorithm is able to control swarm robots, produce smooth trajectory without collision and have the ability to localize the target in unknown environment

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Faculty of Computer Science | Sriwijaya University