Implementasi Teknologi Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Untuk Sistem Informasi Integrated Laboratory

Ali Ibrahim


Abstrak—WAP or Wireless Application Protocol is an interactive mobile technology. With a WAP application, various information can be accessed at any time wherever and whenever, because now people have a lot of mobile phone use on the computer. 240 million people in Indonesia already choose a mobile phone, it can prove that the people are now using mobile phones as a medium to get information, efficient and effective, in addition to the information services are accessible to the wider community, as well as in remote areas, mobile operators can reach out the area with the access fees that are reasonably priced. This reality is an opportunity for education to implement WAP in providing information services to students, so that the process is going to be more effective, efficient. This study aims to produce new ways of providing information services to the laboratory in Fasilkom Unsri. this will give students a sense of satisfaction, a sense of employee satisfaction laboratory so as to improve the quality of education. Results achieved in the form of software services information system.
Keywords: WAP, GPRS, Mobile Phone, Laboratory, InformationSystem

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