Pemanfaatan Sistem Informasi Geografis dalam Pemetaan Posisi halte dan Trayek Kendaraan Umum untuk mewujudkan Palembang Smart City Studi Kasus Transmusi Palembang

mutia fadhila putri


To create the Palembang Smart City is needed an acceleration of development, they are smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, smart people, smart living, and smart government. Those six things are the dimensions of smart city.

                Provisions of transportation facilities and good infrastructure, and the increasing of public service, is one of the dimensions implementation of smart city that could help the development of Palembang City.

                In the development of technology of internet this day it could be used to increase the public service and fulfill the needed of information, especially for Palembang government who hasn’t provided the information about public transportation facilities location based on geolocation that should be easily accesed by all Palembang people or tourist. Because of the Information needed so we would develop the geographical information system to search the location of public transportation stop. The choosenmethod for this program are Requirement Analysis, Conceptual Modeling, Implementation and testing. This method is the one of development method of software engineering based on android platform so that produced an application that could solve the problem by providing informations about the public transportation facilities location for all people contains about available halte, included the information about name and address of the halte and appeared the icon of facility signs on maps.

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