Implementasi Hibernate Pada Aplikasi Penentuan Kualitas jasa dengan metode Quality Function Deploymennt

Jasman Pardede


To be create customer loyalty, enterprise must capable to give add value what the needed the customer by giving service quality according to customer satisfication. Service quality can be performed by perceived service and expected service. If perceived service more than less expected service, the customer will not interest to the service. But if perceived service more higher than expected service, the customer may be came back to use the service. There are two methods which enough relevant to measure customer satisfication or service quality by Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and Service Quality (Servqual) [Tan, K.C., Pawitra, T.A. 2001]. PT. Tunas Mobilindo Parama (Authorized BMW Dealer) branch Bandung to improve the service quality and the customer satisfication by after sales service. The enterprise use to manually to improve the service quality customer-oriented by mail box or mail feedback, so the service quality was unmeasureable and unsort which the priority over that. To improve services, resercher develop application service quality finding by QFD method. To reduce development time and ensure referential data integrity, using framework Hibernate. By the application capable to improve service quality customer-oriented so that given add value in customer loyalty.

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