Dasar Pemodelan dan Navigasi Flocking Mobile Robot dengan Aplikasi Sensor Jarak

Tresna Dewi


Abstract—The main concept of flocking mobile robot is one robot leader followed by other robots, this concept was inspired by nature, flocking of birds, swarms of bees etc. This research objective is to investigate the possibility of applying distance sensors modeled as virtual spring-damper in navigating flocking robot within leader-follower robot system. Distance sensors installed at follower robots in order to maintain certain distance to leader robot and by the time leader robot stop so will the follower robots. This research started by modeling the system in virtual spring-damper system, simulating the effectiveness of proposed method in MATLAB/Simulink and finally applying the method in to real mobile robot system. Simulation results shows that follower robots follow leader robot in certain fixed distance and the velocities output of leader robot and follower robots are also the same, meaning that the robots within the system maintain their initial formation; train formation or wedge formation. The simulation results also shows that modeling distance sensor as virtual spring damper is an effective method for navigating the flocking robot system, moreover stable spring-damper system will ensure the system stability. Simulation results successfully applied to real system consist of one leader robot and one follower robot.  
Index Term—flocking robot, robot leader, robot follower, sensor jarak dan virtual spring-damper

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