Joko Dewanto, Hendrik Heryanto


In the world of the today automotive industry and the rapid growth of continues technology to express evolve make providers of automotive tools in particular competing to design and modify their products to be competitive in the today industry. With so many designs and increasing levels of technology making things especially in terms of ease of use and operation of a product the more preferred. With the sophistication of this technology is developing a system on the engine performance by utilizing sophisticated spooring where Bluetooth technology systems.The sophistication of today's Bluetooth systems we often encounter is generally used to be a media data transfer on mobile phones, PCs, and so on. Today spooring used machine uses infra red technology and still use the media cable for connectivity and data transfer process from sensors to the PC where there are still many obstacles and deficiencies contained in this system. So from the bluetooth system is expected shortfall, especially in the connectivity between PCs with sensors, and data submission process can work better without the constraints that meant. Bluetooth is a wireless system on wireless WPAN. In a WPAN system is a process of synchronization between two devices where one device sends information to another device that is synchronized with each other. And the expected connectivity that occurs no longer have constraints so that the data submission process can be run properly and the information obtained data more secure, fast, precise and accurate without a hitch.

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