Ekstraksi Fitur dari Dokumen Spesifikasi Kebutuhan Perangkat Lunak

Daniel Siahaan, Sarwosri -, Himmatul Azizah


SRS document is one of artifacts produced during requirements engineering and it contains detail description of behavior of system to be developed. It describes functionalities and non-functionalities that should be established within the system. Some works has been focused on analyzing SRS to measure the quality of software process. To measure the quality, metrics is established based on features of SRS document. This paper introduces a CASE tool for extracting textual features of SRS document. It utilized methods well known in textual processing, mainly part-of-speech for tagging words and TF*IDF for extracting requirements. During the test, the tool manage to extract features and stored the metdata in RDF file.

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Jurusan Sistem Informasi | Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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