Lely Prananingrum, Diana Tri Susetianingtias, Budi Utami Fahnun3, Isna R M


ABSTRACT  In generally, Indonesian society don't know about origin Indonesia primate, it's caused most of the species almost extinct. The Extinction due to the survival of this species diminishing, illegal hunting to eat or for making instrument tools for livelihood to the owners. We need to realize the importance of conserving extant primates and endangered, so that the next generation will be able to know about these the origin Indonesian primate as one of the Indonesia’s wealth and pride.  This application will inform about the origin Indonesia’s primate in android smart phone to inform the Indonesian for more respect and care and preserve. This application could become the replacement of the book in the mobile phone so user can read anywhere. This application is made by using the JAVA programming language, JDK, XML and the Android-based IDE  Eclipse 'Indigo'.  Keywords: Application, Information, Indonesian Primates, Android, Smartphone .

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