Multi Tier Architecture Model On A Server Cluster For Application Of Big Data

Zaid Amin, RM Nasrul Halim


This research focused on the development of
scientific contributions in the field of network computer, where
the results of this research is solutions for developers or
practitioner in determining the model topology and routing
configuration protocols to suit the needs of the application for big
data. Term goals this research such as sustainable road map that
are able to produce robustness and reliability networks for
application of big data. The methods that Researchers use on this
research is PPDIOO (Prepare, plan, design, implementation,
operate, and optimize). Researchers limiting stages the use of the
methods of development of the network until the stage of the
design with the results in the form of the simulation and design of
network topology, especially on a business organization or


multitier; server cluster, big data.

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