Desiign Monitoring server using snmp

orlando dacosta


Abstract—In today's digital era with the development of various types of gadgets causes the growth of traffic and the number of internet service on the network. To provide the maximum monitoring system that can determine service availability, network conditions, uptime and downtime. Protocol monitoring system used in this  research is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Due to the use of SNMP protocol generates monitoring data in the form raw data, it is necessary to use intermediaries applications so in order to make process monitoring become more efficient with the appearance of the graph. To optimize the monitoring system this research design, manufacture and testing the technique for all interfaces that exist on the agent. The aim of testing this new technique is to determine the availability of devices and system availability with multiple testing, ie; the test of application, network mapping, network conditions, TCP trafic, bandwidth optimization and sms notification.

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