IoT-Based Smart Rehabilitation System

Muhammad Sulkhan Nurfatih


Internet of Things (IoT) makes all objects become
interconnected and smart, which has been recognized as the next
technological revolution. As its typical case, IoT-based smart rehabilitation systems are becoming a better way to mitigate problems
associated with aging populations and shortage of health professionals. Although it has come into reality, critical problems still exist
in automating design and reconfiguration of such a system enabling
it to respond to the patient’s requirements rapidly. This paper
presents an ontology-based automating design methodology (ADM)
for smart rehabilitation systems in IoT. Ontology aids computers in
further understanding the symptoms and medical resources, which
helps to create a rehabilitation strategy and reconfigure medical
resources according to patients’specific requirements quickly and
automatically. Meanwhile, IoT provides an effective platform to
interconnect all the resources and provides immediate information
interaction. Preliminary experiments and clinical trials demonstrate valuable information on the feasibility, rapidity, and effectiveness of the proposed methodology.

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Yuan Jie Fan, Yue Hong Yin, Li Da Xu, Fan Wu

“IoT-Based Smart Rehabilitation System,”IEEE


VOL. 10, NO. 2, MAY 2014.


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