Data Optimization on Multi Robot Sensing System with RAM based Neural Network Method

Ahmad Zarkasi, Siti Nurmaini


Monitoring the environment activities is an attractive Abstract— Monitoring the environment activities is an attractive thing for development. That is because the human life would affect the surrounding environtment. There’s a lot of research of environment has been done, one of those is the changes of air quality in urban areas.  To measure the level of air quality, the data and information from field measurements and laboratory analysis result was needed. This paper review the research result that focus on sensor data processing in multi robot using RAM based neural network. There are 11 pattern input data were processed by temperature data optimization from 250C until 350C, humadity data from 20% until 60% and gas data from 350ppm until 450ppm. The obtained result is from 8 bits and 9 bits become 6 bits in certain level with optimazion percentage is

25% and 33,3%. This result effect to the computationan load, it’s become more simple, the execution time and data communication becomes faster.    

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Faculty of Computer Science | Sriwijaya University