Wina Witanti, Falahah -, Mohamad Ramdan Achmad


Correspondence management is one of the most important assets owned by the company's general provisions governing the administration and organization of the correspondence as a means of communication in the corporate environment. Correspondence is a series of activities in managing the company's management of correspondence from planning, Organizing, establishment of policies to achieve the goal. Thus, the correspondence became one of the most important parts of a company. But the problem of correspondence sometimes still be one of the obstacles to achieving the company's goals.
Nowaday, most organization handle the correspondence manually. Neither using paper based nor using electronic based, there are many problems in handling correspondence manually. Some of them such as no standard template, need time to find the archieve, the file is not well managed, and huge space to store paper based letter. To solve the problem, we proposed the system which can manage the correspondence easily and efficiently. The system is limited for internal usage and running on intranet environment. The system provide standard template for common format correspondence, can storage many letter in electronic format, and has search features to find the specific object easily and fast. The user of this system consists of administrator and user. Administrator is a letter writer and user is a recipient of the letter. By implementing this system, company can manage their internal correspondence more efficient.

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